About us

We’re Dementia UK – the specialist dementia nurse charity. 

Dementia is a huge and growing health crisis. By 2025, it’s predicted that over one million people in the UK will be living with this often devastating condition.

That means almost all of us will know someone with dementia – whether it’s a family member or a friend. There is no cure for dementia. But there is care. And care can change lives. 

That’s why Dementia UK is here. Our nurses, called Admiral Nurses, who we continually support and develop, provide life-changing care for families affected by all forms of dementia – including Alzheimer’s disease.

Jacky found great support in her Admiral Nurse, Christa, who provided a lifeline after her husband Dave was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“Christa allowed me to get a sense of what was going on in my husband’s mind, in a way that no one else had. Sometimes Dave would get angry with me and say: ‘I’ve got no money, no coat, and no shoes’. Christa would say that they could signify essential things to give him comfort.
She also gave me credit for what I knew about Alzheimer’s. After hours of being on the phone to so many different people, I had a sense of relief that someone believed me.”

When you support Dementia UK, you’re helping us grow the number of specialist dementia nurses so they can support more people like Jacky. We receive no government funding, so we rely on the generosity of supporters like you. With your help, no one will have to face dementia alone.

To find out more, visit dementiauk.org

Your tribute page 

Setting up a tribute page in memory of your loved one is a special way to celebrate and commemorate their life. Friends and family can share their favourite memories, light candles on special dates, and make donations, if they wish.  When Colin’s wife Gladys passed away, he took great comfort in developing a tribute page in her memory.

“I discovered just how much it was helping me to cope with the loss of the truest love of my life. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to attach precious photographs, memories, thoughts of the moment. I can also light a candle that is there for my family to see anytime they care to look.

All of our family have added photographs, memories, and special stories about Mum or Grandma. The tribute page means the memory of Gladys will live on, and that current and hopefully future generations can look at the website to see who she was.”

How your page helps families facing dementia

Our Admiral Nurses are here to help people when they need it most. They have the time to listen and the knowledge to solve problems, giving families the confidence to manage their future with dementia.

Every donation made through your tribute page will help us grow the number of specialist dementia nurses, giving more people affected by dementia the life- changing care that they need. 

With your help, no one will have to face dementia alone.